Syrian War a Pipelines’ War

THE Syrian war often seems like a big confusing mess but one factor that is not often mentioned could be the key to unlocking the conflict. Some experts have pointed out that many of the key players have one thing in common: a billion-dollar gas pipeline. Factor in this detail and suddenly the war begins […]

Global oil and East-Med natural gas

This article is based on a presentation of Charles Ellinas made at the fourth Energy Symposium organised by the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE) and Financial Media Way (FMW) on December 7-8 at the Hilton-Park in Nicosia. The symposium was opened by President Nicos Anastasiades, who called for regional cooperation for the […]

The Discovery of Hydrocarbons in Eastern Mediterranean Basin – An Opportunity for Regional Cooperation

After the successful completion of the GEF E&P Event: The Discovery of Hydrocarbons in Eastern Mediterranean Basin – An Opportunity for Regional Cooperation, which took place on the 13th of February, the GEF Organising Committee would like to thank our distinguished guest speakers Mr. Nicos Kouyialis – Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus […]